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Anglican Worship Resources Society
founded 1898
The Reverend Roy Shepherd, while retired as an active parish priest, is far from retired.  A few years ago, he studied to gain the skills needed for work as an interm priest in parishes that are temporarily without one.  He has been kept busy ever since.

Over the years, Roy has been active on committees in the Diocese of Toronto and Huron, and is now attached to the York-Scarborough area of the Diocese of Toronto.
Roy likes to spend his winters in Florida, where he assists in his Florida parish, but the work as an interm priest in the Toronto Diocese lately, has reduced his time in the sun considerably.

He has been a chair of AWRS for 10 years, and is now an active director and past chair.

Sports were once high on Roy's list, but with the passing of years, he leaves the tennis and sailing to his children and grandchildren.
Gladys McCllelan
Robbie Rhodes
Jim Wooley