Anglican Worship Resources Society
founded 1898
Initially, grants were focused on helping needy churches acquire lectern bibles.

At an early stage, grants were expanded to assist parishes, to acquire bibles, prayer books and hymn books for the congregation.  Some years ago, a further expansion included the many kinds of hymn books parishes use, as well as many Inuit and Aboriginal language bible, hymn and prayer books.  Now, in addition to books of all kinds used in worship, the Society has provided grants for other kinds of worship resources such as tapes, translations, a midi, and even a sound system.

Under the normal arrangement, 50% of the cost of the resource is provided by the Society with the other 50% coming from the requesting party.  In cases of special need, the Society may be prepared to grant more.
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Grants are provided to parishes, churches, church organizations, synods, camps and other anglican groups in Canada, but not to individuals.