Anglican Worship Resources Society
founded 1898
Anglican Worship Resources Society (AWRS) is a 124 year old Ontario incorporated charity, which is a part of the Anglican Church of Canada.  While its focus of attention has changed over the years, its purpose has not.

The Society's purpose is to provide grants to assist needy Anglican parishes and groups in Canada to purchase books and materials used to enhance worship.

The full board of directors meets up to four times a year for updates on the committee activities, and to approve grants.  Committees, which are comprised of directors, meet as and when required during the year.  The committees vary from time to time, and cover such areas as finance, public relations, nominations, audit, etc.
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The members of the Society are its  directors, currently numbering 6 people.  The number of clergy vs lay members and retired vs non-retired directors provides a good mix of talents and available time for the duties.  Supporters of the Society are its donors.