Anglican Worship Resources Society
founded 1898
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Application Instructions

 1.    Please PRINT or TYPE information clearly.

 2.    If your request is for more than one congregation or point, you MUST submit an application for each one.

 3.    No application will be considered unless it is endorsed by your Bishop or other responsible office of your Diocese.

 4.    It is recommended that you send a covering letter explaining in detail the reason for your application.  Particular attention should be given to any special circumstances, such as travel distances, language, scope of work, difficulties, etc.  Failure to provide full information only delays our consideration of your application.

 5.    As a general rule, the Society limits its participation to 50% of the cost of worship resources. Books are ususlly purchased through the Anglican Book Centre.  Grants are NOT made for books or resources already purchased.

 6.    If your application requests more books than your average attendance, be sure to give a full explanation.

 7.    The Directors of the Society meet four times a year, early in each of the months of February, May, September and December.  Your application should be submitted with enough lead time for them to deal with it promptly.

 8.    The Directors of the Society are all volunteers and are committed to considering every application quickly, fairly and generously.

 9.    The Society is supported by voluntary contributions from individuals and groups within the church community.  An official receipt for Income Tax purposes is given for each donation.

10.   You are encouraged by the Directors to give copies of tthis application to other parishes or groups in need of our support.

11.   The Society plans to report on specific recipients of grants in its newsletter, website, advertising and other material.  Will you kindly send us pictures and comments about your church or group and your use of the requested worship resources?
Please return completed form to us at our "working address", which is:
Anglican Worship Resources Society
The Rev. Canon Jim Woolley, Chair
​2473 Windjammer Road
​Mississauga, Ontario  L5L 1H7

Anglican Worship Resources Society,  Church House, 80 Hayden St.  Toronto Ontario M4Y 3G2